Brad joined me for this leg of the trip. Arriving in Oslo at exactly the same time that I arrived from Lofoten. The Oslo Airport is beautiful.

The weather was rainy and cool and pretty far from what you would expect for summer, but we still managed to catch up in with hour hosts and Lola, in their English Garden with some wine and snacks. Their home is located in an amazing area with massive old multi family houses. It sort of felt like a village in a Disney movie. The houses are split up into different multi level apartments, no one unit being the same.

Oslo, with a metro population of over 1.5million, is a beautiful city that we explored over the two days. It is modern, cute, and expensive, like the rest of Norway. I would definitely return to Norway, I think there is probably a lot more natural beauty to explore and of course it was great to visit with Leif and Nergis and they were fantastic hosts showing us around the city.

And Lolo, what an amazing dog. She came with us for our very long walk and was a great companion. She has so much personality and she was definitely enjoying all the petting I was providing her.

Munch Museum

Famous for the Scream we visited the soon-to-be-closed museum. The exhibit was called Exit! and it provided a history from the beginning and planning of the museum to the future closing of the museum at that location. The museum is moving to a new location near the Opera House in a much larger space that was intended to be pretty and glass but was cheapened by using a less expensive material.

Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

We love a modern art museum. This one is housed in a lovely building in the newish developed port area surrounded by some pretty amazing condos.

The museum had some pieces we had seen before but also some great ones we haven’t seen. There are two sides to the museum and the one side that we think was the temporary exhibit, we enjoyed more but I think part of the permanent exhibit was closed.

Opera House

Our friends had said that we needed to visit the Opera House... but I don’t think we were prepared for how awesome the building was after just seeing a photo. The entire building allows for visitors to walk from sea level to on top of the building on a slanted roof. Pretty cool!

Vigeland Park

This huge park is filled with naked people sculptures and I quite enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty beautiful and the sculptures were entertaining and fun to look at while walking through the grounds. It was a little drizzly but the park was really nice to wander around in.


We tried veggie nuggets and they weren’t awful. They sort of had the consistency of falafel. Unfortunately the coating is not the same as regular nuggets but of course they were fun to try. We saw may more Burger King than McDonald’s in the city.


A restaurant with beautiful views of the city. We were able to see all of Oslo from our window seat. This included a nice drive up the hill to the restaurant past more naked sculptures... there may be a theme in Norway.


This was our final meal in Norway. A Japanese fusion place on the pier and it was delicious. From the rolls to the pork belly, good food all around.

More Photos

Of course there are way more photos to see! Click here to see a slide show.