I own Quiet Comfort 30 Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones. I love them. I was a hater of “halo” style at first but the ability to leave them around my neck when travelling and the great battery life made me a believer. Plus, I’m able to sleep on my side with them on a plane. One and a half weeks ago they died.

Today my replacement was delivered. They were way past warranty and I didn’t have a receipt. But they sent me a replacement after I contacted them and included the serial number that I found on the box. They did request the dead ones back and even sent through a UPS label for free shipping. I didn’t have to pay for a thing. It was amazing! Brad has also had a like experience with Bose when his noise canceling headphones cracked.

The issue with them was battery related. I’m not sure if the battery had just run permanently out of juice, but it stopped charging and I couldn’t do anything with them.

This has made me rethink the future purchase of some headphones for the Peloton. I was thinking the new Beats but I may go with Bose!