Kylie here we come! This is our second attempt to see Kylie Minogue in a foreign country after she got sick in Ireland in October. Along with Kylie, this trip is actually timed perfectly with Mardi Gras and also with our friend Paul who happens to be working down under.



We are flying down on United from Toronto, to Chicago, to Los Angeles, to Sydney. This wasn’t our original flight but with the snow Toronto is getting and a delay we switched things up. Our ticket was purchased at a fare that we were able to upgrade using our certificates so we are flying Polaris Business Class.

Our flight home we are on the upgrade list but we haven’t been upgraded yet and there is a chance we may not be. We’ll be fine in our exit row. We are flying home Melbourne, to Los Angeles, to Cleveland, to Toronto.

There was a change we made to our return flight. We had visited Melbourne before so we figured we could sacrifice a day if it meant that we could fly home in Business class. It was well worth it, Brad was able to save a day of vacation and we flew home Sunday in Business.


We will be staying in Sydney from Friday to Wednesday at the Four Points Sheraton. We then take a bus to Canberra to visit some friends we met on a cruise years ago to stay at the Crowne Plaza. We then fly to Melbourne on Friday for the remainder of the trip at the Westin. We have stayed there before, for Housewives of Melbourne fans Pettifleur used to, or maybe still does, live in the residences above it.