Everyone who I told that I was going to see Avril was somewhat shocked and confused. Did she still perform? Does she still sing? Where has she been? Why would you want to see her? Has she really been replaced by Melissa?

Well I love Avril. I love all the power ballads. I love her voice, especially live. She is my go-to at Karaoke because I feel, in my own tone deaf ears, that I can sing a great Avril vocal. I can't. But I try.

Her concert didn't disappoint and I have always enjoyed her live because the girl can sing. There was one song I wasn't into in the entire show and it was perfect, we ran out to buy a t-shirt and there was no line. Everyone stood up the entire concert thankfully and most people were there for the old songs and she delivered. I couldn't really pinpoint the the theme of the audience, it ranged from gays, to middle aged women, some rockers and the Asian fanbase. Complicated did come out 17 years ago!!!