Today I spent the day with two lovely ladies, Dana and Christine. With the rain stopping (finally), we decide to do a little trip to Bowen Island to check it out.

The island is accessible from Horseshoe Bay for $10 return on a 25 minute ferry ride. After walking off the ferry, there are a handful of stores and a few restaurants. We opted to go for a little walk in the woods up to a lookout with a nice ocean view.

After we headed to Doc Morgan’s for some eats on the patio. The sun was shining and there was a nice cool breeze. The food and the Caesar’s hit the spot and with another hour to wait for the return ferry we explored a few stores.

The island on the map is quite large and because we were on foot, we saw only around where the dock was, but it looked lovely. It was an easy little trip and gave us a good time to catch up away from the city.