Bringing Suica home is not as easy as we would have liked. We committed to her as COVID-19 was gaining ground but the full quarantine and the seriousness of the disease hadn’t reached Canada and the US. Little did we know a simple drive down to Michigan was not going to be a straight forward as we had hoped.

As the quarantine and the border remained closed we were always hopeful that by the time we had to pick up Suica at the end of June, we would be able to cross the border with no issue. Well, as I write this, the border closure was extended until mid July so there would be no way for us to cross over without having to quarantine.

And then a friend Kyle, made a suggestion and we will be forever grateful for him doing what he will be doing on June 28th. He is a resident of the US living Manhattan adjacent (New Jersey) and also a Canadian citizen. He was planning to come up to Canada to visit his family and he offered to detour (fly) to Detroit, pick up Suica and bring her over the border. He will then be heading to quarantine where he will wait out the 14 days and then he will be free to visit his family. And Suica will be with us!

Suica will be getting her final shots on the 27th and then she can be released. Sue (Zoey’s mother) and Kelsey will be driving up to where the breeder is to get her for the night. She may be groggy and a bit out of it as she recovers from her shots. Sunday, Kyle will pick her up and bring her over the border. Depending on how customs goes, we will meet at customs or after he clears on the Canadian side. Brad and I have decided to stay in Windsor one night so that Suica can have a bit of a breather and we will then head home Monday to bring her back to Toronto. Sue, who is a puppy expert, recommended we don’t stress her too much because she will have just been separated from her litter, her mother Izzy and she may be a little loopy from the drugs. So we will take it slow and let her adjust in small stages with her final destination of Toronto as her home!

Let me thank Sue and Kelsey and Kyle right now for all they are doing to unite us with our fur baby! If Kelsey’s husband goes up I’ll thank him too, but I won’t mention his name because it will just confuse things.