It seems that the time is coming for some self quarantine. As much as I am addicted to news, especially the awful mess in the US, I'm going to try and spend some time in different ways. As I read recently, this isn't social quarantine, this is physical quarantine. I think we are a lot more lucky than epidemics of the past, we have Internet, video chat, games, and online things to do. And I don't mean Facebook and Instagram which can anger me more when I see people doing stupid things.

First off, I'm no expert but we are taking this seriously. I'm only running out to store if I need to. No restaurants, no bars, and sadly, limited contact with friends. I want people to respect this quarantine, I don't want my Nana or my dad getting sick, both of who are definitely in high risk group. Thankfully my dad buys boxes of [insert whatever is on sale here] so I know they will be just fine food wise. And I'm sure they have toilet paper that will last for many many years to come. And he wasn't even hoarding! (Hi Dad, love you!)

I want people to know that if anyone needs to talk because they are going bat shit crazy, I'm around... I have the luxury of being able to work at home so I'll be still working, coding and getting caught up with things. Plus I have taxes that I need to work on. If anyone wants to chat or message or FaceTime, please feel free.