Curaçao is an island off the coast of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean. Out of the normal path of hurricanes we are looking forward to the predicted temperature of about 29 degrees as Toronto starts to become chilly.

I’m extremely excited to be visiting this island. I’m normally pretty cautious in the Caribbean, mainly because many of the islands aren’t the safest outside of your resort bubble. But the friends who we are renting the condo from have stated otherwise. They say the island is pretty safe and also somewhat gay friendly which is definitely a good thing.

The condo is on the beach and has it’s own private pool. This isn’t only a sun vacation, we will be taking advantage of the internet to work some or half of the days.

I’ll be updating this post with updates!


Flying down Air Canada direct from Toronto. Flying home also on Air Canada... in business class using points.

Staying at a beachside condo. Our friend Fei is coming down for the first half of the trip.