Taking a break from city time lapses, I’m branching out to flowers. There is something calming watching a flower bloom.

This is my second attempt at doing this after learning from the first attempt last week with some tulips. I learned that I needed to control the light. I set up the tulips near the window so the snow and clouds changed the appearance of the video. Plus, at night the light changed a little too much.

So in this video I used my light box and put the set up in our storage closet. The only lights that were on were the ones on the flowers and it stayed consistent through the entire video.

I also had to rig the setup in the enclosed space and it doesn’t look that great. I’m going to get a bigger backdrop and probably some better lighting to make it more seamless.

I used my DJI Osmo Pocket with the power adapter, my small light box and also a plant growing light. The plant growing light wasn’t the best choice because it turned the daffodil pink. And it seems the daffodils like any light since they turned to the sides toward the light. This time lapse ran for 2 days straight.