A while back after I saw a friend post his herb garden I thought I would try out my green thumb. Well, this thing is so easy you don’t need a green anything. I also find that when I buy herbs I never end up using them all, so having my own at my disposal would be nice to have. The Click and Grow garden I bought holds 9 seed pods. The system holds a bunch of water, enough for more than a week and has a timer that turns the light on for 16 hours a day.

On August 10, I started the first pods. Rosemary, chives, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and basil is what was “planted”. You simply drop the ready and seeded mini cup of soil and drop it into the system. I thought it would take a long time for things to happen but things have grown fast. I’m starting some investigation to figure out if I can harvest my herbs and at what point do I start new.

The rosemary is slow. It hasn’t grown much at all but the basil has sprouted up so high it hit the lights while I was away. I have some extenders on order so I can raise the lights up. I’m excited to see the flowers turn into cherry tomatoes so I’ll keep on filming!