This was sort of on my bucket list, is isn't the most exciting thing to do, but I enjoyed taking the bus over the 55km long bridge. It was a cloudy day, so a little moody on the ride. We arrived at the gargantuan bus terminal in Macau which was massive and pretty empty.

The Macau side of the bridge separates into two exits: Macau and Zhuhai which is mainland China. So they have two separate terminals to handle immigration. They have definitely built it for expansion. 

You need a special license for the bridge and buses leave every 15 minutes or so. We managed to get on one of the double decker buses that was pretty empty. I was able to get a seat at the back so I could set up my DJI Osmo Pocket for the ride.

The drive takes about 45 minutes maybe? They travel at a comfortable speed. For the most part, it is a raised causeway. There are two suspension bridges and one incredibly long 6.7km tunnel.

On the other side you appear at another terminal where you go through a check again and take a bus either into Hong Kong or to the airport. We were heading out so we went to the airport after checking our bags at the bus terminal. So convenient!