When we arrived, I was wondering if the $45 cost would be worth it. A couple was wrapping up and they weren’t very exciting... she videoed it all and sat there with no personality. I was thinking this is gonna be a pretty expensive Kit Kat.

As we took our seats, I realized this was going to be a really fun experience. Our spectacular chef was Tia and she was quite fun. I think we even made her blush, well correction, Alen made her blush, by saying his favourite Kit Kat is Thick and Chunky.

The experience isn’t only making a custom Kit Kat, it is also a lesson in chocolate making. She passed around the cocoa pods and the different stages that the cocoa bean goes through while describing the process that turns it into chocolate. We also discussed the difference between white, dark and milk chocolate. So Tia was a wealth of chocolatey information.

The next step was to actually build the Kit Kat. She had colours we could choose from to make some stripes on our bars. I chose yellow and red. Brad chose yellow and pink. She swirls them on and lets it set.

We then watched her temper chocolate while explaining to us how it works using her laser thermometer. And the next step was to build the bars. We were able to choose from milk, dark, white or matcha flavoured chocolate. I chose milk on the top and dark on the bottom. We then got to add three out of a selection of 25 different toppings.

FYI: Chocolate is poured into the mould. The cookies are added and pressed in and then more over the cookies. They normally do one type of chocolate only but she let us mix and match if we wished.

They do sell custom bars in the store but some of topping are only available in the Chef’s table experience and you won’t find them on any of the custom bars. One of the photos shows all the options available.

I chose Maple Syrup Almonds, Mini Diced Ginger, and Shredded Coconut. Honestly, selecting flavours when there are so many options was not an easy task. The Kit Kat’s were then refrigerated for 1.5 hours while we went to Cheesecake Factory. We returned to pick them up after. Also, our timing was impeccable tonight, Alen got us a buzzer for CF as he was there early, and was told it was a 2.5 hour wait. We went to Kit Kat and by the time we wandered back we were next in line for a table so it could not have worked out better. Also, the cheeseburger spring rolls are pretty forking fantastic. We then got a text message letting us know our bars were ready after about an hour.

We picked up our sealed and packaged custom Kit Kat’s in nice boxes with either a custom message or one they put on there by default. I felt a Britney Spears song was in order: You want a piece of me.

Due to a little mix up with our chocolate, the colours got switched by accident when pouring the first chocolate, Tia actually created us two additional custom bars to fix the mistake. We let her select what flavours to add to the top.

We were allowed to video and photo throughout and the staff stood on guard to quickly move those along that tried to listen in behind us. People could watch but they had to stand on the other side of the glass. Step away from my Kit Kat! I haven’t tasted mine yet, too much Cheesecake Factory in ma belly. Let me digest.

The Chef’s Table was a pretty fun experience.