Weeks leading up to February 16, I had noticed that Brad had commented quite frequently on dogs we had seen out in public. We had loosely discussed getting a dog but we always wondered how a dog would fit into our busy travel schedule. Thankfully for us, we have a great friend network and if we train our dog well, she will hopefully be a pleasure to watch.

Things happened quickly, I fell in love with our friend’s dog Zoey so I immediately messaged Zoey’s owner Sue to find out what kind of dog she was. Within minutes Sue had let me know that Zoey’s breeder was about to knock up Zoey’s mother within weeks and the timing was perfect. I messaged Brad letting him know the news and before we knew it, we were sending a deposit to Deb, the breeder.

We wanted a female dog for the simple fact that we plan to teach her to pee on a grass patch on our balcony and we didn’t want a dog that was going to lift his leg. So we got on the list for a female and again, the timing was perfect. We got the first pick of the females.

We got notification from Deb on March 9 that Izzy (the mother) had been bred and to expect the pups to be born around May 2. After the pups are born, we are allowed to pick her up at the end of June, around 8 weeks after their final shots.

On May 2, Izzy gave birth to 5 puppies. All white with black spots. As luck would have it, we were first to pick which female that we wanted. I’m a fan of symmetry, so the 1 that I was drawn to had a black marking on her rump right above her tail. She was ours!