Madonna. I'm not sure you are aware but people were willing to travel to see your show. When you announced your show we were excited to see you in a smaller venue, despite the fact that we were less enthusiastic about your album. Well it seems we are opting to get a refund and we won't see you at all, but I am actually not crying for you, Argentina.

Today we got notifications from Ticketmaster that our show was moved to October 28: "as a result of highly specialized production elements". We have flights booked and I'm heading to Vancouver the day after the show so that definitely puts a wrench in things. We may actually incur cancellation fees on our tickets, no, we didn't get cancellation insurance, but that is irrelevant and I'm not complaining about the risk we took. Thankfully our tickets down are on points so they can be cancelled but I still need to get to Chicago in order to make it to Vancouver!

Sadly this move doesn't bode well. Brad can not attend the October 28th show and I'm now thinking I don't want to make the effort. This cancellation has definitely soured me on giving her more money. I asked a friend who saw the show in New York and he said most of the show was her new album and as I said earlier, I'm not fanning over it, so I think getting a refund is the best option.

I have read rumours on reddit that she was late to some of her shows and this move, although it may be technically related, doesn't seem like she has her fans best interests in mind.

At first I was disappointed but I am at peace now. I’m not hung up on the fact that I won’t be seeing this tour and now I don’t think she deserves our money. I know shit happens and sometimes changes are unavoidable but it doesn’t mean I can’t be irritated. I’m actually more excited to see Avril tomorrow!