So this is a PSA for friends and family, and mainly those in Canada. Apple had a keynote today laced with celebrity.

Nana: This is a technical post :)

Apple Card

Yes, Apple is going to have their own credit card, tied closely together with ApplePay. Not only is it pretty and titanium (they give you a physical card for places that may not have ApplePay) but it lives in your phone. There are no fees, total exposure to your spending habits and a lovely interface. But do we get it in Canada? No. That sucks.

Apple News+

Enhanced news for $12.99. Unless you read a lot of magazines, you don't need it. There is a one month free trial, I will browse some magazines like Time and Vanity Fair, but if I don't check it a lot I'll just cancel before my one month is up. If you are in a family account, all your family get access, which is actually not a bad deal. Available now.

TV App

If you subscribe to a bunch of streaming TV apps, this new app will aggregate all the TV and movie into one simple interface. You will still have to pay for each subscription. There are also channels you can subscribe to. This can add up quickly. I don’t think this will be big in Canada like it will be in the states. I think most of us stick to Netflix and cable IMHO.

Apple TV+

This is basically a channel that I’m assuming will reside in the TV App. This will have original programming from artists like Spielberg, J.J. Abrams and Oprah. This again will be a subscription service... see the trend here? This may be interesting. I hope it covers all of family too! Coming to Canada.


This one will be pretty cool. A monthly fee for games that have no in app purchases, can be played offline, and no ads. Basically one fee to pay any of the offered games. Coming to Canada.

iOS Update

There is an update for your iPhone and iPad. Go to Settings General Software Update and do it. I have been on beta for a month now and no problems. So get your ass on wifi and do the update.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely the next chapter for Apple. Their revenue will soon come from subscriptions and they won’t rely on hardware sales as much. This is good because some say that the iPhone has plateaued. They last a lot longer and people (who aren’t us) are not buying iPhones every year now. I don’t have a problem with paying for a service that I use. I don’t complain about $9.99 a month for music when I used to spend $18 on a 12 song CD. I don’t complain about a monthly fee for movies when it will probably cost less than one sitting at a theatre with that annoying guy behind you with the M&M package (that would be me).