After the hospital trying to book me twice before, they finally got me in during a time that doesn’t conflict with travel or random event like a concert. A few weeks ago she called and it actually worked out perfectly and tomorrow, July 19th is the day.

Last summer I got strep really bad, and of course it was when I was in the US. I went to the nurse at Walgreen’s and sadly, one round of antibiotics wasn’t enough and I had to do a second dose. That was unpleasant. This was not the first time I had gotten full blown strep while travelling. I have visited a lot of Walgreen’s.

I asked my Doctor if I could get it done. Even though this may be a good way to jump start my Puerto Vallarta diet (February), I would like to reduce the chance of me getting awful sore throats and only building a stronger resistance to the drugs. It is fully voluntary but I think it will be worth it, assuming I don’t have complications. Another benefit is that is my reduce my snoring and need for my CPAP machine... I have mild apnea.

So away I go... pre op appointment was Monday and I’m ready to go for tomorrow. The appointment is at Mt Sinai hospital in the afternoon. I won’t be sleeping over, I get to come home about three hours after the operation.

This weekend I will follow the orders and take it easy, lots of sleep, hydration and hopefully video games. I know after my appendix came out (weeks before our wedding) I didn’t feel great but I’m used to having a sore throat so hopefully that will be the only discomfort.

Maybe I will come out of this with a wonderful singing voice. I have a Celine concert in December and I know Avril would love me to do some power ballad duets with her in October. Fingers crossed.