Updated November 24, 2020

Many of my friends have started picking up a Peloton bike and I thought I would put together a list of my favourite instructions and sort of do a ranking. I do not think that every instructor is for everyone and my tastes may differ than others. It all depends on what floats your boat... if your bike was a boat.

So my goal will be to take a minimum 20 minute ride with each instructor. I have already based opinions from rides in the past but instructors change and maybe they were just having a bad day. I will keep these in order from my most favourite to least... I won’t number them yet because I have to get current rides in for even instructions that I do enjoy. I want to make sure my opinions still stand.

My username is ThickThighsYYZ so we can ride together!

Jess King

Last Ride: 30 min House Ride taken on September 24, 2020

Jess has been my favourite instructor for quite a while now so I do most of my rides with her. I find her the right amount of inspiring and fun. She doesn’t talk to much and she is a little bit crazy in a good way. Plus her rides inspire me to ride harder.

Tunde Oyeneyin

Last Ride: 30min HIIT & Hills taken on November 24, 2020

Tunde is one of my favourites. Her rides are the perfect balance of motivation and good chatter. I’m always up for a Tunde ride. I realized on this ride what a great motivator she is... and it happened to make me set a 30 minute personal record. This class is hard!

Christine D’Ercole

Last Ride: 30 min Power Zone Endurance Ride on October 11, 2020

Christine has always been a perfect balance of calm and motivation. She simply seems like a kind person, she gives sage advice and she gives a really good ride. I appreciate when she gives you quiet time to simply focus and pedal. I enjoy her. 

Cody Rigsby

Last Ride: 30 min Pop Ride taken on September 15, 2020

Cody is definitely a crowd pleaser. He is gay, fun, and normally picks pretty good music. If you are fine being called “boo” then you will be fine with Cody. He is motivating, fun, and always has something to say. And you better like Britney. His ride can be pretty intense too and a great workout.

Ben Alldis

Last Ride: 20 min Ministry of Sound: The Chill Out on October 21, 2020

I think I mis-understood the assignment... at least the class name. I didn't expect a low key easy ride to chill music. Honestly, maybe because I'm old I have no idea what Ministry of Sound is. But I like Ben. I have done many rides, he has a sexy accent and he is sexy. I don't feel his rides are overly hard and definitely not too easy... although the Chill Out ride was a breeze.

Robin Arzon

Last Ride: 30 min HIIT Ride taken on September 25, 2020

I am never disappointed by a Robin class. I’m not drawn to her as an instructor but I do enjoy her classes and I never regret taking one. I do enjoy her chatter and it never seems too much or annoying. She just isn’t at the top of my list when I’m looking for a ride. It’s kind of a like Tom Hanks movies, I don’t go out of my way to see them but when I do I normally quite enjoy them.

Ally Love

Last Ride: 30 min Beyoncé Ride on. November 13, 2020

Ally has moved up my list quite a bit and it is all thanks to Beyoncé. I did a live Beyoncé ride with her and the ride was fantastic. It wasn’t just the music but she was good. Maybe the chatter was more to my liking because it was of more interest to me this ride but it definitely moved her up over some of the other instructors.

Previously: Her rides are good, and her climb ride today was very intense and I actually made a PR topping out at 80 Resistance for the last 3 minutes. I’m not the biggest fan of her chatter, I don’t avoid her rides but I don’t get excited for her either like I do Jess King.

Matt Wilpers

Last Ride: 20 min 80’s Ride taken on October 5, 2020

Matt is a fantastic instructor: for Power Zone classes. But for regular classes I find him to be somewhat out of his element. He is incredibly technical which is what is needed for Power Zone but he doesn’t have the charisma that some of the other instructors have. It’s hard to feel overly motivated and he ends up mouthing the words to fill up dead air. He is still higher up the list cause I do enjoy his PZ rides.

What is Power Zone? If you are a new rider don’t just jump into it. Find a Power Zone PZ Test so you can get your Power Zone thresholds. Power Zone is a great way to quantify your progress because you do another test, the same test, to see if you have improved. I have done a few Power Zone programs and I do enjoy them. Maybe it’s time to do another test and get on it.

Alex Toussaint

Last Ride: 30 min 2000s Ride taken on October 19, 2020

I haven’t really enjoyed many Alex’s classes in the past. But this class was an improvement and I actually didn’t mind it. Maybe in the past classes the music didn’t do it for me... actually I wasn’t a huge fan of the music in this ride either. It was 2000’s but it skewed hip hop which in less of a fan of. The ride itself was hard, and I was riding with a friend who I’m competitive with so I worked hard. So I have nothing bad to say about Alex and he gives a perfectly good workout. He does motivate and keep you moving.

Leanne Hainsby

Last Ride: 45 min 2010’s Ride taken on October 7, 2020

Leanne is another instructor that I don’t feel the excitement of riding with. I don’t avoid her and will definitely ride with her if the schedule fits but I don’t seek her out. On this ride, I found I hit the numbers I needed to but I just end up tuning her out cause I’m really not that interested in her chatter. I’m neutral about Leanne.

Erik Jager

Last Ride: 30 min J Balvin Ride on September 21, 2020

Let’s get past the obvious, Erik is a German hottie. Unfortunately they don’t have shirtless instructor rides. I have rode with Erik a few times when he has English classes and even a few German language classes when I feel like some inspiration. I don’t love his rides. He is incredibly enthusiastic which is great but something about his chatter, and it isn’t his accent, rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it comes across he is trying to hard when speaking English, maybe I’ll have to try a German class with the English subtitles and see how it goes.

Denis Morton

Last Ride: 30 min 80s Ride on November 12, 2020

When I was heavy into the PowerZone rides, I would end up riding with Denis quite regularly. Back then he had long hair and a man bun. I think that overshadowed my perception of him, he isn’t a bad looking man but I never sought out his rides. Now his hair is short but I have realized it actually had nothing to do with his hair. I find him very dry, it’s hard to explain but any excitement that he wants to show is very subdued. He is technical which isn’t a bad thing, but I also want some fun while riding an 80’s ride. I’m less of a fan of Rock and I feel that genre fits him well. He definitely has his fans, but he is lower on my list personally.

Jenn Sherman

Last Ride: 30 min Pop Ride on October 22, 2020

I have rode with Jen a few times and to be fair and give an updated opinion, I had to do it again. Today’s ride was an encore ride from the summer and I went in with an open mind, giving her the benefit of the doubt, I left with the same opinion. The friend I was riding with messaged me halfway and said: “She is boring but at least I’m on the bike.” I think that sums it up. My complaint from my original rides was that she sang with the music... which is fine in some cases, but I feel she does it because she has nothing else to say. And the singing began to grate on me. And you know it takes a lot to annoy me when I’m in every concert video singing over the performer. My other critique, and this is more technical, is that she doesn’t give targets until too late. Thankfully they add the thresholds in an archived ride or my resistance would be going up while she is already counting down. She reminds me of a step instructor from the 90’s. I assume most of her following is wine drinking moms of America.