A few weeks ago we decided to introduce exercise into our condo by buying a Peloton bike. We have had the bike for just over 10 days now and if I can continue with it then it will definitely be a positive in our life as we age. Cardio is something we know we need to do but we are lazy and even though I work out regularly at Fuel, I still feel I need to get cardio in daily to offset when I eat badly. That is an issue in itself.

What is it?

It’s a high quality stationary cycle commonly known as a spinning bike. I just read that “spinning” is trademarked so they don’t actually say the word spinning anywhere. But it is what it is. The bike costs a little more than $3K CAD... a lot you may say? Well if it gets us exercising regularly then it is worth it and the convenience is huge. Going to a spinning class takes time and planning. We are able to walk upstairs and hop on the bike anytime we want. No planning necessary. And we are saving money not paying per class.

There is a monthly fee of $50 CAD that is your membership. It isn’t by person, it is per bike so that covers both of us and any friends that may want to go for a ride.

What we do with it.

On the front of the bike is a large tablet that gives you a touch interface and provides all of your motivation. There are classes almost every hour with different levels, lengths, and music choices. You have the option to join live classes where you are riding with others and the instructor is instructing live from the studio in New York. You can also select to do archived classes, so really there is no excuse.

So depending how I feel I’ll do a 30 to 45 minute class with the occasional 20 minute if i need to fit one in or an hour if I’m feeling more inspired.

There are also apps on our iOS devices that allow us to see our stats an profiles. Away from the bike? The app also provides weight training, boot camps, meditation and yoga at no additional cost.


When riding the bike you can see how you are ranking along with others who are taking the class. This is some good motivation to see how you are doing and it also shows you your personal record if you want to try and to beat it during that ride.

They give you virtual awards for classes completed, goals reached and there are also badges you can earn for doing challenges. There is definitely no shortage of motivation.

My thoughts.

I have done spinning classes in the past and I find this a little more precise. I don’t know if studios bikes have changed but I like that I can see my resistance, cadence and output. So when the instructor tells you what effort you should be exerting, it is a bit more exact than in a class when they say "do a turn to the right a quarter turn". It definitely takes the guessing out of if you are working hard enough and at the level the instructor wants you to be at.

Is it a cult? If you choose to be a part of it and you can stop at any time is cult the right word? The friends that recommended it to us definitely raved about it and the community does seem pretty cultish. People who are into it, are really into it. After a week we are pretty into it too and as soon as the results start rolling in, which I have no doubt they will if we stick to it, we will also become advocates for this machine.

If anyone wants to be friends on Peloton, my username is steveni and Brad is BradInToronto.

And if you are thinking of buying one, we do have a promo code that will give you a discount and also send some love our way: UJZ7B9