Sometimes you don’t foresee things that should have been done the first round and we have learned from our mistakes.

No one needs two bathtubs. Let’s repeat that: 2 bathtubs aren’t necessary. When we have friends stay over, we are using my office as a second bedroom. This means the bathroom in that room turns into the guest bathroom where some washing will happen. We realized that the tub is pretty useless and a shower would get much more use. So the time has come to renovate!

Along with the upstairs bathroom, our second bathroom downstairs has had some problems. For about a year now the tub has been unusable. The thermostatic valve started seizing up and we didn’t think much of it. Well, it turns out that there was no way to fix the build up of water gunk that was happening in the pipes. On a plumbers advice, the only way to fix it would be to rip out the wall. Well, why not do a full bathroom gut at the same time?

So we took the plunge and we are starting renovations. As of February 24, we are officially having the contractors begin and our new bathrooms will materialize.

This is the downstairs bathroom. This will still have tub.

This bathroom is upstairs and we will NOT have a tub anymore, it will be converted into a shower.