It’s now been 3 months since we rescued Suica from America and made her a permanent Canadian. This year everyone’s life has definitely changed in one way or another and ours has definitely been enhanced by our newest family member.

We love this little pup so much. She is adorable, fluffy, cuddly, and sometimes a downright bitch. With both of us working from home and the void of travel in our lives, we have adjusted quite well to our fur baby. Over the first couple of weeks we were able to train her to pee on the grass that we have delivered to our balcony. ( if you are interested). And OMG, it was a life saver. Living on the 39th floor, having to take her out would have been a harsh form of torture every couple of hours. Instead, we were able to open our sliding door to our balcony and let her out to do her business. It made the process so much easier and much friendlier on the environment. We haven’t had to use one pee pee pad. We can count on one hand how many accidents she has had and after the first few it was our fault for not listening to the signs.

We crate trained her and that went well also. Honestly, I feel a bit guilty for having it so easy, don’t hate us. The first night was she barked and whined but after that it was pretty simple. We made it through and didn’t give in. The first few weeks she was up around 4AM whining to pee but after about a month she was making it through the night. Now she goes to bed around midnight and wakes around 6AM. After we take her out she comes into our bed to sleep for a few more hours.

At 5 months, which is today, she has definitely found her voice. She now knows how to bark when she hears something out of the ordinary. We have learned that when she becomes a little too playful it means she probably has to poop. She will get herself to the door but she hasn’t quite figured out how to bark right away. She will wait for us to come and find her waiting. After some time she will bark to get our attention, but she hasn’t peed or pooped in the house since week 3.

We are dealing with some teenage angst right now. She likes to play with her teeth so we try and divert to a chew toy but our fingers are so much more delightful to her. Maybe it is a sign of love. Hopefully when she is done teething that will be lessen up. As I type this I’m thinking I’ll try some of the “stop biting your nails” nail polish and see if that stops her from going for my fingers.

She is definitely a cuddly pup but if she is woken from a slumber you need to beware! She will growl like no tomorrow and snap a bit. She doesn’t bite but she will give you a big warning that you disturbed her sleep and show her teeth. We are going to take precautions and get some behavioural guidance. I think we still have it pretty easy but we don’t want it turning into normal behaviour.

She is great around other dogs, she would rather just keep to herself. We were at a park with other family dogs and she was the only one not eating the goose poop. She is pretty gentle around dogs and kids so we are thankful. We attempt to take her for walk but she would rather zoom around the condo to get her exercise. Plus it means she doesn’t get dirty. She does love hopping into the shower with us and cooperates pretty well as we wash her down. She may be a bit of a princess... but why wouldn’t she be? She has a ramp that she walks up to get onto our bed.

This girl has changed our life and has definitely been some light in what could be a rough time with COVID-19 kicking around and the passing of Brad’s mother shortly after we got her. She has settled in quite nicely and she is spoiled, but we are careful to not turn her into too much of a princess, just enough so she doesn’t eat goose poop.