Why Suica?

We couldn’t just pick any old name, we like to have meaning and something that is at the same time unique, but not too unique like Apple. Although, I guess Apple would be quite fitting for us to use based on our technology choices, if Gwyneth didn’t already take it.

So we very easily decided on the name Suica. I was thinking something like Tokyo or something with Japanese flair and Brad suggested Suica. Pronounced: Sweeka. Very easy if you think about it.

Suica is the JR East transit card that is used in the eastern region of Japan for trains and subways. Suica stands for Super Urban Intelligent CArd and is quite fitting for us because we are big admirers of the Japan rail system and the Suica technology itself. They were the first system to integrate with the transit pass on the Apple Watch and I was so excited to use my watch to enter and exit the train system... and even pay for Japanese baked good with my watch.

Suica is also pronounced the same way as Suika which is the Japanese word for watermelon. So she is our little watermelon.

Coton De Tulear

We didn’t investigate the breed much because we were happy with Zoey, but after we were on the fast track to putting down the deposit we finally did some research. Thankfully this breed sounded perfect for us. The below text is taking directly from our breeders web site.

Coton de Tulear earned its name from its unique, cotton-like hair, and for a port city in Madagascar, Tulear. Its dry, wind-tossed coat is probably the easiest to maintain of any long-haired breed, but it still requires regular grooming. The hair is about four-to-six inches long, dries quickly when wet, and requires relatively little brushing. It sheds very little, and rarely bothers people who suffer from chronic allergies. The coat should NOT be shiny, nor should it touch the ground from the chest or abdominal region.

There are three handsome color varieties: White (often with champagne color patches); Black-and-white; and Tri-color. A Tri-color adult is mostly white with champagne patches and a faint, irregular "dusting" of black hairs.

Probably the most outstanding characteristic of the Coton de Tulear is its behavior. The Coton is a "companion dog," bred for the pure delight of its intelligent, loving attention to its human family. It is very intelligent, and studies its human family with great care. The Coton is an alert, lively companion, but it is slow to anger. Most Cotons bark seldom, although some will act as alarm clocks and guard dogs. A Coton usually snuggles in the lap or rests close-by like a small, elegant, mohair rug.

Cotons are calm, sturdy dogs, most of whom enjoy the well-intentioned rough-housing of children. Cotons enjoy most household pets including other dogs and cats. A Coton may cock its head attentively when spoken to, smile, and stand or walk on its hind legs to please its human family. Cotons are easily trained.