Apparently this is Macau’s Must-See Spectacle, as per the ticket. The ticket wasn’t lying, didn’t disappoint. We have seen La Reve at the Wynn numerous times and this definitely compares, Brad even thinks this is a more elaborate production.

Not only was there the usual love store that is barely comprehensible in an artsy fashion, there was also an interlude with motor bike jumping. The diving was definitely spectacular and there was lot so of water power to admire. I am a big fan of a gushing water feature.

The theatre itself is just like La Reve, a circular pool in the middle except this one also had a visual wall and 1/4 of the circle missing for more pool space.

Some entertainment actually came from the people watching vs. the performance itself. The crowd was very entertained, ohhhing and awwwing... and laughing at the slapstick clown filler. The staff at the theatre were also took the no video rule very seriously. Sometimes walking down half the aisle to stop someone from videoing. You were allowed to take photos and thankfully for Live Photo it allowed me to make some more dynamic visual.

The cast was huge and to my surprise, expecting the divers to be primarily Chinese, were white.

The guest next to me was also quite obnoxious, in the ugliest jumpsuit that was probably Burberry fake. He was smacking on a some nutty smelling candy most of the time, his phone was on bright and he was sending texts to a friend including at one point even making a call. I guess it comes with the territory... The Macau Territory.