Yes, there are a lot of young kids playing, but adults play too. I'm living proof! I started playing a few months ago and I have slowly gotten better. I don't have any victories under my belt, but can make it to the top five most of the time. I normally play solo or 50v50 when they have it to get my challenges done.

What I would like is to play with someone I know so we can build a good strategy to win in squads. I play in squads occasionally but it seems that if you don't have a good squad that knows what they are doing, your teammates end up being pretty useless. I have a few "friends" but I'm shy to play squads. I know I have gotten much better but I feel weird joining a team when I don't really know them.

If you are interested in playing I'm more than happy to walk you through a primer for the basic. I love the game, I find it challenging and the fact the games are pretty short is awesome for my short attention span. 
If you play, let me know.

My username is akislot. But I need to know your name too. I have a bunch of "friends" but I don't think I actually know them.