On Suica's 6 month birthday we celebrated by taking her to the vet. Hopefully she forgives us for the worst present ever. But hopefully she one day thanks us for protecting her from getting uterine infections and breast tumours when is old and looks back on what a good life she had.

We are at day 5 now and we have had no surprises and she is healing up well. We were given a series of pills to give her and a daily hit of some sort of morphine. After the first night we never got the feeling she was ever in pain. I think if anything the scab on the sore is probably a bit itchy and with her cone there is no way she can itch it. As of today, the scab is still there so I think we have succeeded in protecting the area.

The vet didn't give us the option to have a body suit that would keep her tongue away from the incision. We attempted yesterday to get her a onesie and that didn’t last long. I have mentioned she can be a bit crabby when touching her butt and getting the onesie on was a bit of a struggle. After getting it on, I realized that the way the butt was snapped up she wouldn’t be able to pee and poop without us undoing it every time. We are lazy. When the weather is good we leave the door open and she goes out on her own. Having everything covered is not going to work. So we put the cone back on and she is totally fine. Plus she looks totally adorable still.